Fire in the hole! EA and xbox one strikes back. The subscription known as EA Access has been a very nice bonus for Xbox one fans. Playstation’s choice to rent games and make decisions for their fans without ever asking them first continues to come back around as a bad idea. If you remember it was playstation that downed EA access and deemed it “No value” to their ps4 owners. Well most ps4 fans felt different and course about Sony telling them what’s good for them without thier say in the matter. It was one of many issues I had with playstation when I had it as well at the time. Today, “the value” that playstation has delivered on with the rental fees for old ps3 games access is a utter failure while EA access doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon and had once again delivered on value. You do the math but me I’m playing Battlefront early on my xbox one while Sony continues to tell it’s people what they should believe value is.