There has been so much announced , backed up, and flat out delivered by Microsoft it’s not even funny anymore. This console has became the best buy of consoles on the market currently. It delivers on amazing games and value and at the same time gives phenomenal online support and advantages with the very best streaming and media advantages on the planet for consoles ever. With the addition of direct x12 and backward compatibility to boot it shows up in a big way and in most cases better than Sony. Most ps4 fan can’t admit it but they know their console is stuck in a dead zone and hasn’t evolved. It has been counting on the same tricks and hype it’s been riding since launch and it has gotten old. No exclusive games is hurting ps4. The overall bank account is also hurting them too. To this day Sony is still bleeding money and still can’t stop looses billions annually. People think because ps4 sales this means Sony is making money. They aren’t because it’s not profit. They have been in the hole for years and can’t figure out what to do to stop the damage. This is why they can’t afford to pay for games exclusives and trick stupid people into paying for games they should, proper network, and knowledgeable staff. It’s not something seen drastically but it’s been cutting away at them for months and it’s really starting to now be seen more and more by unbiased people. Microsoft on the hand is transforming their console into the most complete system ever created. People better start waking up at Sony, and I mean fast. Sony keep acting like their lead is going to promise success for their company as a whole and it won’t. They also act like they don’t have to do anything for their fans but show up unprepared with the veil of plenty when they actually know they don’t have anything like they did at e3 this year. The next two years aren’t looking good for Sony’s ps4 lineup with the exception of Uncharted and that’s only if it makes it and doesn’t get delayed yet again like driveclub.