For all the ps4 fans out there your company has hit 25 million sold worldwide. This is amazing and nothing short of outstanding perfect conditions and timing with right marketing. Sony has mastered this more than any other company. Sony also states that their company made profits in their gaming and chip divison. For some this is a shock. For me, it’s not. I have said from the beginning with or without owning a ps4 that ps4 will be the greatest selling system of all time. Nothing changed then and nothing will change that fact in my mind in the future. However this still won’t change the fact that all around gaming for me is still better on the Xbox one because of their amount of exclusive games, software tweaks, prices, what they give back, online power, and upgrades to the UI shortly to arrive. Buying one system, that one system doesn’t change because people worldwide buy it or not. 25 million people buying this console doesn’t put Tomb Raider , Forza 6, Quantum break, Halo 5, elite dangerous, etc into my hands. That my friends is what matters. It doesn’t make online better, it doesn’t give me backward compatibility, and it most diffiently doesn’t stop Sony from robbing my account of funds expecting to give me store credit that is only going back into their pocket. No, no,no..all numbers are good for is counting. Much like the wii numbers did for them. When it was all over and done the wii won the last gen sales race but couldn’t deliver on the games most wanted. Ps4 does a much better job at the game department than the wii did but xbox one is doing better than them and doesn’t seem to be changing for a least 2 more years for me. You may be different, in fact there are many that are different but it’s still doesn’t change the fact that ps4 has no lineups for this year and next year for exclusives of new and innovative titles that aren’t indie titles but one, Uncharted. Most of not all the rest of assumed titles for 16′ that don’t have a real release dates and only about 2 of them, Recore and Street fighter, are even remotely interesting. But again this doesn’t matter to the masses. I don’t expect it to because it’s about me not about anyone else. My games, my time, and my choice. Others opinion don’t equate for me so I expect others to feel the same about their choices and I commend all others for whatever road you choose. That’s what’s makes us all unique. Have fun gaming reguardless of your format.