Hello games has come out and made it clear that they are under staffed in terms of actually finishing this game. They have also said that even announcing a date when they can tell the public when the game will come out is out of their control. This means Sony is the one holding them back from announcing that this game won’t be ready this year. They don’t want further light upon the fact that they have nothing to offer fans the remainder of this year on through to the end of next year. If this turns out to be the case it’s a total waste as this game will be up and down in hype with nothing to show far too many times to matter when it finally comes out. This mixed with the fact that it will not be a game most gamers will play for long. It’s too big to reach any a realistic obtainable point of success. It’s not multi-player. And has no story plot to make you want to continue. Which means zero replay ability. This, my friends equal to failure 9 times out 10 in the gaming world. It’s a shame too because I think if the game had less problems, like no story line, it would be more approachable.