Now I already know the title will bring lots of hate and assumptions about my view. I would first like to point out that of all my writings, in and out of like with my ps4 or xbox one I have always remained consistent with my view about how the ps4 being the most sold console ever and the best “Gaming” Console on the market. However today, for the first time, I feel that Microsoft has finally put enough advantages into having a xbox one that for the first time I feel xbox one is now, not only the most complete console on the market, the best value on the market , but Digitalcrack has to give this console, as it stands today, the title “The Best Console on the market award. This isn’t just a result of me owning only a Xbox One after selling my ps4. Most remember this was done before but I still had no problem in my view of the ps4 being the best. So this change of guard isn’t biased at all. It’s based on pure gaming and software domination on top of the being the best value on the market. Think about yourself. The console has all the best titles, most advanced hardware for networking and operational usages, best controller on the market , window 10 coming, direct x12 resolution fixes, quietest console on the market, best president in gaming history in Phil Spencer, most money backing it, best UI to get even better, best streaming hands down, best Blu-ray playback graphics, best advantages with EA access and others like Espn, backward compatibility and many others. It’s not even close on paper as you write down all the things it does and has over the Ps4. Now, does this mean xbox one will outsell ps4? I still stand on that not Ever happening because mindshare trumps facts. Ps4 will still become the best selling console of all time over time. But what this will result in is a bunch of people on one system because of hype and assumptions vs those on the other system because they love playing the best games with the most advantages at the best value for the money. Now not all people will fall into this category but for the most part most will. I can’t tell you how many people got a ps4 off of hype and not because they really love playing videogames or even good at them. But again this is what mindshare controls and there isn’t anything wrong with it. If Microsoft could control mindshare they would too. But again the amount of people doing something doesn’t effect me. I dont follow crowds or play well with others. Everyone has to decide their own path. I have done so and love my path. I hope you love yours.