It never stops does it? Playstation platform is so barren and being shown up on the very stage they claimed was their focus and purpose (Games) that fanboys are in denial now. The announcement of Halo Wars 2 was huge but according to ps4 fanboys it wasn’t a big announcement . They claims that Halo wars 2 isn’t a big game for Xbox one. Umm..let’s put things into perspective shall we? So Halo isn’t big? Well I would say it’s big enough to defeat what ps4 has offered this year in terms of their exclusives and yet they claim their exclusives were successful. Let’s take The Order 1886 which never broke 1 million sold. This game was hyped up to be the defining game for this generation(hyped but failed like most things Sony does). Second we have Bloodborne, yet another hyped up title it got 1.3 million. Little better than 1886 but again not the game it was hyped up to be especially being that their console is the most talked about, most hyped up, most sold ,and overblown console in the world. Now l let’s look at what Halo Wars did being that is a weak title according to playstation fanboys . How about over 2.5 million people bought it. That’s right 2.5 million is more than 1886 and bloodborne combined for ps4 sales. So I’m very curious to know how you define your games for the ps4 a success when they don’t equal the sales of a game frachise you claim is weak. Obviously there were more people that thought Halo wars was worth getting. Hey, numbers aren’t everything though I’m the first to admit that. But I am curious to understand the reasoning of why Halo wars 2 isn’t a big exclusive. Frankly put any first party AAA exclusive is big when it adds to the deficit you already have against a superior lineup of exclusives with or without Halo wars 2. The main point is that Microsoft is the best place for games, streaming , networking muti-player games, best security, best value, best hardware peripherals, and best controller on the market. Bottom line, flat out “The Best”.