It Won’t happen and if it did it wouldn’t be pretty!!

People especially Ronda needs to stop pretending that this is what you want. It’s not and it won’t happen. I’m so sick of women that scream about male vs women violence but yet cheer for this crap to happen. I am even sicker of Rousey being a hypocrite. She says violence between man vs woman should not be encouraged but yet she is doing that very same thing. She says no rules all out fight she would beat Mayweather. Well that only happens in the streets so to that I say bull. Rousey knows Judo but she wasn’t raised from the streets like Mayweather was raised. She didn’t have to fight on the streets to survive, she has always fought in competition organized fights. She was and still is a little spoil child pretending like she she is ready for the street like Vanilla Ice. She is only happy when she gets to have her way and when she doesn’t she cries and pouts like a baby but yet she is ready to fight with no rules because she says she “fights for living”. In a no rules fight Rousey wouldn’t stand a chance because in her world no rules means she can kick a man in balls or something. But on the street for most Black men in america no rules means she doesn’t walk away fight. Means everything from a bullet to head to bat to brains, stumped, and or cut through. This is the image and truth of the matter if you really want the truth. Ronda is still in the mind of refs and let’s fight til the other quits. Mayweather and most other men on the street know that no rules means no rules and they don’t stop until they get tired or you’re dead. Ronda doesn’t know one thing about no rules fighting. All she is doing promoting herself and trying paint a picture that she is tough and ready to fight men. So tell me how this paints a positive spin that helps the world move forward and away from violence against the opposite sex? If this took place It doesn’t matter how Mayweather wins, he looses. And if he acts like most men that are on tv to help promote Ronda and take it easy because she is a girl allowing her to take advantage of their lax, then he looses if she gets a armbar or breaks his arm. Reality Ronda would stop at breaking Mayweather arm. Mayweather in a no rules fight and truly fighting as such, wouldn’t stop until Ronda was not recognizable and or in ICU at best. This is the difference and the flat out ugly truth. If a man treated Rousey as a man right off the bat and never let’s up on the street you are looking at very scarey realistic result but in sports and entertainment we like living in a bubble of make believe where the good guys wears white and the bad guys wear black and they always tell you what their plans are while the good guy figures out how to stop them. Wake up, this is the real world and in the real world Ronda rousey is a woman and should fight other women and talk about other women fights because if Ronda was truly put in the streets with real uncaring thugs who don’t care about rules, who you are, and if you are woman or man the reality is she would be dead and or raped( and sometimes in that exact order) just because they could. Ronda isn’t a thug raised in the streets so she needs to stop talking like that would be something she wants because it’s not. No rules mean no rules and I’m sorry men are more merciless and sicker when it comes to stuff like that. This isn’t a good thing mind you,  but it is the sad , sad truth. Men of the world can kill babies, kill their women, blow up villages, nuke a continent and watch it all burn while smiling all because they could. Woman as whole, especially Ronda Rousey, would cry at the mere thought of this. She needs to stop acting like she’s a superwoman gangster turn fighter because she isnt. Fact is if you take fighters raised in competition, man or woman, and put them on the street , they will get their world shaken with what truly no rules means. Even kids these days don’t fight anymore. They maim, rape, and cut and kill. This whole “I fight for a living and Mayweather is just a boxer” needs to stop. Because she has no idea what truly goes on being raised in the streets and being around pure sick individuals with their difinition of No Rules for fighting means. No rules means without warning, without mercy, and without stopping to allow you to figure something out. What ever happened to our direction to stop violence between man and women? It’s ok as long as it comes from a woman right? If this was Mayweather threatening to fight Ronda in the street because he couldn’t beat her in her ring(like ronda admitted about boxing Mayweather) people would be all over this and claiming how much of a low life Mayweather was. But when Ronda does it’s ok. All of you guys are all hypocrites! It needs to end and go away. There will always be a difference between men and women, it was meant to be like this but this doesn’t make it something to fight against or feel less about. Not being able to carry a child doesn’t make me less of a man no more than having less muscle mass and or strength makes you less of a woman. We need to stop trying to get this to cross streams, they don’t belong and never were they meant to.

Here is the truth about what it truly looks like between a man and woman that actually train..Tito is washed up as a fighter and he easily put Cris Cyborg down and controlled her easily. Cris had one moment when she picked him up but outside from that if they were really fighting Tito would opened her up several times with strikes when he got her to the ground and in her guard. At the end she got man handled just like Ronda would have been and tapped from a triangle choke. So please…stop acting like a trained man could not dominate a trained woman in the ufc. It’s just the truth even if you don’t like it or want to admit. This is what they don’t show you when they want to promote Rousey as some kind man beater. They show you her taking on amateurs who are there not to hurt her not truly go after to her to put her down. This is why they should stay separate in ufc and in conversation. This isn’t even something you would want to see. A equally trained man would seriously hurt a equally trained woman in organized fighting. On the street, no rules, it would be a crime scene.