The Elite controller! That’s right baby, the best controller on the planet gets even better. A serious controller for serious gamers.


This puppy will have custom everything! Custom design, custom feel, custom buttons , custom configurations, custom looks, and custom modified responses. Nothing out there can defeat this controller. It is the best by a huge mile of anything and everything that ever has been released on the market at anytime. The best part is that it’s ONLY for Xbox one!

My Xbox one is going to be really busy this holiday( as if it’s not already). I’m going to be so busy my head might spin. Let’s list it out shall we….

Pga tour
NHL 16
Nba live 2016
Madden 2016
Nba 2k16
Fifa 16
PES 2016
Forza 6
Tomb raider
Fallout 4
Star wars Battlefield
Fable Legends
Halo 5
Beta first The Divison I’m tired even typing this stuff. I could have missed a few while I was at it but I think you understand. Oh don’t forget we get a NEW OS!! Can’t wait, can’t wait, CAN’T WAITTTT!! UNBELIEVABLE!  OK , anyway, time to calm down but I hope everyone else will have as much fun as I will be reguardless of your system. If not, oh well, sorry there is always “next year”. But I’m sure you have already been told that last year, right Sony players. Sorry again!