Ok I am going to try and stay calm about this, I truly am. Rumors are surfacing that Wonder Woman could be taking on Doomsday in Batman vs Superman?!?!Sometimes the whole “woman push” for heroes sometimes goes too far. There has to be someone either high or pathetically misinformed. There is no way in this world that this makes any since whatsoever. Putting aside this is the greatest challenge Superman has ever faced which would be the ultimate movie of all time(the death of Superman). This would also be the stupidest waste of a story to throw this character in the middle of this batman vs superman crap because it would rushed and undisputably tacky. But to even hint at the mere fact that Wonder Woman could ever take on doomsday based on the character’s lore is complete bull. Does anyone not understand the simple truth that woman isn’t bullet proof, hence the bracelets and shield. Have you ever saw superman carry a shield or use bullet proof bracelets to block bullets. This means her skin and organs can be penetrated by a bullet. Meaning she can die after damage from this right? So tell me how in the blue heaven and moon can she take a punch or punch a creature that can cut through Superman’s skin like a knife? Remember, Superman’s skin is harder than steel and bullets can’t even make him feel tickled? Dude one hit and she is dead. There isn’t anything she can ever do to doomsday to even cause him to stumble. This creature was created and tortured for hundreds of years under the most heaviest and damning conditions in the whole universe. So please , please tell what the heck a punch is suppose to do to him or better yet what is her magic lasso going to do but give him easier access to throw her. Here is yet another fact. Wonder Woman has to eat breathe and drink water…Doomsday doesn’t nor does Superman. Doomsday grabs wonder woman and just into space for about 2 minutes or so..she’s If they even get near 3 miles of this story line in the movie I will walk out that very second. Cheaping the lore of heroes for the sake of women is not something to be proud of. Its common sense that this can’t happen so to make believe all of sudden that it can is more harmful than good to the push of woman heroes in movie. It becomes fake and unrealistic and laughable. This is not the level it needs to be taking to produce a health woman hero line of characters. But somehow it’s like all they know how to do is belittle men in order to bring up a woman. This isn’t needed. Black Widow played her role as a very great hero in the Avengers without her having to take a punch from the hulk or knock him out with a kick or punch just to prove her worth to the movie, and so can Wonder Woman but this isn’t the way. I hope and pray this is just one of those stupid rumors out there but if not this will be the dumbest idea or event ever in movie making history.