Xbox bosses gave this quote. Most none Xbox one players think this is all smoke and mirrors. But if you are neutral and have any kind of computer knowledge you would know this statement to be the truth. Xbox one is the only console that can stream games at 1080p 60fps. Xbox one is the only console with Azure cloud computing power. The network backing and apps along with interaction embedded sourcing, all only found on one console. The ability to be truly backward compatibility with boost in graphics found only on xbox one. Drivevatars for games like Forza. The only system you can speak to for functions without a headset. The only console system that has Windows inside it.

I mean the list is crazy and continues. But truly I think the issue is that even though ps4 sells the amount it does vs the xbox one you would assume it was ps4 with all these advantages. It’s not, so that proves once again it’s not about who truly is the better console based on sure ability. It about who people “THINK” and “ASSUME” is better, aka mindshare. Ps4 is no longer the best buy or the best console on the market. It is merely the best selling consoles thanks to mindshare. But the funny thing about mindshare is that it’s never based on what is real only what is popular or assumed. Basically it’s for people who don’t or won’t think for themselves. Now, this doesn’t apply for all ps4 users but a huge amount of them fit into this pretty large box. The ones that say I bought a ps4 because my friends got one. Or the ones that buy them because they “heard” it was the best. Or my favorite, the ones that claim they bought it because playstation( the company mind you, not the ps4) have the most games. It’s a shame really but that’s Marketing 101 for you.