Well guys we have both the s6 and the Galaxy Note 5! Blessed in many ways, that Jehovah!  Sorry I don’t have real time pictures of it all because my phone and wife’s phone were traded in to Sprint to set this up. Thats right Sprint is back in our lives again. Why, because they finally have the tower strength we need. We get signal strength at work and still can call out on my phone everywhere in our house. Originally I hated going to away from Sprint because their plans were the best and most cost efficient. I mean there was no competition out there better for this. But when I couldn’t pull up a simple webpage without waiting for 5 minutes it was taken back and canceled. For the past couple of years we have had AT&T. But after they charged me over and over for overages when I wasn’t using my phone to the tune of $300+ for a month for two active lines we decided to bounce.

Now, we got two new phones and a cheaper rate per month. Love it! I haven’t got a chance to really work with it for a review yet but what I can say is that the phone is amazingly lite and thinner than the Note 5. As far as the Edge 6, it’s truly beautiful and very vibrant. We got outter box commuter case for my Note 5 and my got the Ballistics case for the edge 6 . She is in love with it so far. She loves the sexy gold and amazing feel in the hand. Best of all though is the fact that I don’t have to worry about overage of my data. This also what i missed about Sprint when I was with them before. Personally if Sprint is good in your area I don’t see the point in even considering any other carrier. Anyway, review will be posted soon after our tests.