Time for the attack of the fans boys. Konami reveals that the graphic were taken down below 1080p. Key word..”taken”, not that it couldnt reach it nor that it wasn’t ever there. Ps4 boys will claim its because the xbox one can’t do 1080p and will ignor the very hard truth. Microsoft’s Direct x12 does the all the work for the game creating the game and designing it to reach maxium resolution. It did its job hence the reason why Konami had to physically go in and scale it down. They claim it was to make sure the frame rate stayed the same but I again say bull. Konami has never tried to do anything right. They still make fans correct licensing failures on their part because they are too cheap and or too lazy to take care of it on their own. Last year the game might not have made it to 1080p but 720p was a cop out and flat out lazy attempt. They didnt even try.Taken the resolution down “just under 1080p” wouldn’t do enough for any frame rate issues they have enough to matter. Most great companies that know what they are doing constantly work on frame rate even after the launch. So this is something that can be adjusted later if it drops a little. Obviously the frame rates aren’t that bad because the alications saved from dropping” just under” 1080p wouldn’t provide that much extra power so the level they are trying to reach must not be that far off. So basically this is yet another way to help Playstation’s version of the game seem better. I played the demo and while the cut scenes look good they still aren’t at the level of Fifa. Will I get the game, yes because unlike others I understand that resolution numbers and upscaling numbers don’t make the game nor its overall graphics better. Knowledgeable programers do this and Konami isnt one of those companies when it comes to PES.