Well the first work day went very well with my new Samsung Note 5. It’s after 10pm and I have plenty of juice still left. I was really concerned about that at first being that my wife’s phone dies about twice a day with her s6 edge. I know that I have more battery life but I know it’s less than my Note 4 was. Luckily it’s not a worry area for me it seems. The camera is another stand out area. I love this camera and its the best I’ve had honestly. Everything from the photos in low light to sun light are magically represented correctly and accurately. Take in the fact that it actually has broadcasting capabilities and even 4k abilities  built directly into the phone for YouTube is yet another miracle. So now that I have strong  signal at home and at work now with Sprint I knew I was here to stay. So I got the glass protector to go along with my amazing looking case. The whole package is so good looking I can’t believe how solid and slick looking it looks all together. Lastly, I love the 5.1.1 android OS. It’s so much more fluid and faster with just the right of tools needed for a user when and where they need them to be. Example: When I’m watching a YouTube video and I get a text I can see and answer the text to right there without ever leaving my YouTube video or pausing it. It just a nicer interface for touch wiz as well. It less congested now. So, what I don’t like is the little gap between my expressway loop that Sprint dies in on my way to work and or back home. If my car dies there I’m out of luck until I get away from that area. So every single time I cross that area my phone disconnects. But this is a small price to pay being that AT&T tried to kill out pockets. And just a side note, what happen to AT&T stores? They barely have phones anymore and its so congested and small now. The Sprint store was wide open and had plenty of phones and anything related to them. It was very peaceful and nice just walking inside. It really made switching more relaxing and easy.