This video I have to warn you is probably going to be the most wasted few minutes of your life. In a nut shell Android Police further pushes a concept or thought that some how Samsung is to blame because some idiots out there actually put their S pen back into the phone backwards. When I say backwards I’m not talking about just putting back in with the logo up or down . No I mean actually backwards with the clicker going in first. Now their phone won’t recognize the pen being ejected anymore. The guys claims that there isn’t anything in place to stop the pen from being put in upside down and therefore Samsung has a “Major design flaw”. I’m sorry but this is in now way shape of form Samsung’s fault.  He further claims that a child could do this so again it Samsung’s fault. Well, is it Samsung’s fault that they don’t have waterproof Note smartphones? Because a child can also take a bath with the smartphone too so Samsung didn’t think ahead and predict such a thing so they are at fault too for that as well. Needless to say it’s stupid but if you want to watch this guy try and blame Samsung for idiot people mistakes here it is. Just be warned you aren’t the only one giving down thumbs on this video. The ones given thumbs up are most likely iPhone fanboys.