Another year another football game given to the fans. Thanks EA! The first thing you will notice is the different interface once the game loads.  It’s laid out a little different. But once the game starts you won’t see that much of a difference this year in terms of graphics. There are more animation and different cut scenes that look good but for the most part it’s the same graphics once the game starts. I did notice somewhat better lighting tweaks and color boost but nothing that truly stands out as “truly better”. But once the game gets going you start to feel different. You start feeling more mirrored gameplay you would use and see in real life. More realistic results from rushes, throws , and catches. Best of all realistic flags and penalties. This is the first game I have played in Madden that has some penalties called during the game. I always wondered about that in previous game over the years. Unless you made them call it yourself you could go months before you see a real penalty beside false start when it comes to the computer AI. I guess the most talked about and obvious update is the ability to pick the type of pass block or attempt of catch that you player does based on you choice of buttons you push after the initial pass. This is awesome in my opinion. It adds a game within the game based on the situation. I really like this. The sound and commentary is the same which I don’t understand why more sport games don’t update commentary that much. This is not to say the commentary is bad. I would have liked to see more effort pushed forward to make it better each yet. Basically we should always hear different commentary each year for my way of thinking. Overall I haven’t done much of anything else but a couple of exhibition games. But so far it gets a solid 8 out of 10. I do wish they had done more with either the commentary or graphics on the field not just the cut scenes.