Now that the units are in people’s hands like mine, it’s a good time to discuss the reality of this new flagship phone. If you are a tech head then you already know about this beast of a smartphone. It’s amazing!Its beautiful! It’s fast! All these things you hear about the phone but then you hear about the negative things. These things are commonly expressed in every review I have seen. It’s mainly surrounding the lack of a removable battery and the ability to put in more memory. There is another complaint but it’s one of the most stupidest complaints I have seen in a while and its about ignorant people purposefully, for the most part, putting the s-pen in backwards because they heard it causes a problem so they try it themselves to get it stuck or break the functions. Now, they want to throw their hands up and say it’s Samsung fault. No, it’s your fault for being a idiot. But I digress. The two “legit” concerns about the removable battery and memory expansion being gone concerned me too, until today. Something happened to me. I actually took the time out of my busy life to remember that the whole time I had the Note 4 I had it at 32gb and never once swapped my battery, put in a different battery, and or added one expansion card even though I had one just sitting around. I had the phone for just under a year and still had not ran out of space. My battery lasted all day so there was never a need to buy a second battery to hot swap it. Plus I always carry a spare portable battery charger with me. So all this time the worry about what I don’t have anymore goes away with the common knowledge that I never needed it in the first place. I’m betting most people if they stop and think about it its probably the same for them. Basically you only miss it because you don’t have access to it anymore and when you did you either never used it or it didn’t make or break the moments in your life having them. This story or results will not fit everyone but I’m willing to bet it will fit more people than you realize.