Forbes articles written by Dave Thier are so flip floppy. One week he writing about his love for Xbox one , next week it’s the Ps4,  week after that.. “consoles are dead”, week after that “console market is booming”, week after that “Ps4 is the best”, week after that “xbox one is the best”. Man o man I think you get it. This guy writes articles like he is three different people. His latest article reflects his believe that Ps4 will continue to dominate in sales over the Xbox one. Wow, big news there. I’m a xbox one fan and I know that, have always known that, and haven’t once said differently even before they launched. Only blind fanboys would say different. But what I have also said is that the goal of any company isn’t the numbers of their competitors. It’s what they have done prior. If Microsoft sells more xbox one’s than the 360 life cycle that would put them well over 70 million. This is something, that by numbers, shows that they will. So I’m sorry and forgive me for not understanding the fear that a company that sells this many units is some how a failure, surpassing what they did before and make bigger profits at the end of that cycle. Simply because playstation sells 100 million units doesn’t remove the success of the opposite console that sells over 70 million. By the way, Forbes also did a article about that fact too but as with all others they forget about their stance prior to writing about a different one. As I have said before and will continue to say it again. If I cared about numbers I would have sold my Ps3 and Xbox 360 for a wii system last gen. I didn’t because I care about what truly is the best based on what they can actually do and deliver on. Not hype and lies. I’ll keep playing my amazing EA sport games with beautiful dynamic lighting while waiting on the very best driving franchise(Forza) on the planet to launch and then pick up my new controller elite while I play the beta of The Division, and fall in love with Tomb Raider all over again, just to step on the battlefield of Halo 5. GET IT??? This is what matters and what is real. People can continue to lie to themselves about their stagnant console that is built on hype and lies all they want. XBOX ONE is real and delivers real results not hot air.