Until dawn is a highly talked about ps4 game. Basically it a scary movie with choices. The consequences in the game is what makes it good and replayable as a game. It’s a concept that had miss or hit implications. In fact this game based on the amount of real control you have over the characters really reminds you of the nightmare known as The Order, 1886. While this game isn’t my type of game I can see the appeal for others, just not me. My only hope is that this game type doesn’t become a regular experience seen for games. Sitting there just watching a movie that you can pick a choice on and barely have control over my character movement, for me, isn’t a video game for me. But again for others it may be. I would have much liked to see a game that you have movement and choice of direction along with the consequences choices. But playing the game just setting there watching while eating just doesn’t work as a videogame for me but it is different. I will say this is the first game made like this that actually works for most people and therefore it should be recognized as a standout for those of you on Ps4. So while I haven’t played it I would suggest ps4 owners to get it if they are fine with the concept and the way it plays.