For those like me that have a Sprint Samsung smartphone like the Note 5 and Edge or Edge plus, we all know and have experienced the Sprint download speeds for the Internet LTE. For me in Memphis and I’m hearing every place else, the speeds aren’t the best in the business. Compared to AT&T they’re probably 3 times slower in some areas. However this doesn’t mean it’s very slow in terms of seconds. It’s just not up to par with the other providers. Sprint to the their credit has worked on that and it has increased but it’s still not where they should. In fact the 3g and LTE speeds aren’t that different. Where I’m from the 3g speeds are actually preferable now. At least until they fix their LTE town bug. Sprint has a issue with the LTE tower signals failing to pull certain sites. While off of wifi I can’t get xbox wire and a few other’s website I normal go to daily. In fact you can’t even just put in and get to anything. You have to go back door and or just do a regular search on your widget and hit the Google tab in the corner once the search is done to get you to a home screen for the search engine. There you can save it as your home start. Sprint is aware of the problem and claims to be working on a fix. Until then they suggested that I go back the CDMA option on my Note 5 for Internet servers. When I did in was able to pull up any and every page I wanted. Instead of 1 -3 seconds I hit the page in 5-7 seconds though. Not a huge fall away but to others this is just unacceptable. I say wait before you complain. With 3g I have had some amazing Battery life and still fast site pulls. It’s been so good I’m considering not ever turning the LTE server option back on. I miss this kind of battery performance since everything went to LTE. And since the difference isn’t really there between the 3g and LTE with Sprint , I find the option to use 3g from this point on a real possibility. So this is just a heads up. If you are interested then just go to the settings, then go to mobile data and then network modes and switch from automatic to CDMA. Your phone will reboot and then you will be on 3g until you turn back on the LTE.