(Make sure you watch in full HD )

Well here we are again ladies and gentlemen. The continued lies from media, and to think they aren’t even getting paid either;). What you have is one video that you will swear is reversed. You have superior lighting and colors And frame rate on Xbox one. Yet while you listen to the commentary all he does is talk about things to try and belittle the advantages the Xbox one has over the Ps4 version. The man never mentioned the colors and contrast levels and better lighting styles on the Xbox one. And even when he talks about the frame rate he minimizes the Xbox one superior hold on that as well. It’s a perfect example yet again of lies and hype over common sense and having your own mind instead of the one they push to you. Overall it doesn’t matter because unless you play both side by side you won’t walk away wondering how bad your copy was. But I still think it’s truly funny to see how people will bring up numbers while ignoring and belittling real world evidence. I especially love it when it mentioned how blurry the Xbox one graphics were when in the video the Ps4 is the one that looked blurry compared the the Xbox one. Too funny!

Xbox one again folks, it’s the truth and the best.