Well looks like Amazon my be the first but they aren’t alone anymore. In less than one year we already have a competition trying to take the market share away. This is a good thing because it means more competition and better possibilities. Unlike Amazon’s Echo at $199 to the public, Ivee is only $99, although to be fair when Echo first came out it was $99 too until they got enough momentum for the market.  So this could be the same thing that happens with Ivee if  they succeed. The differences between the two however could be the reason as well for the price difference. The ivee unit isn’t as advance as the Echo. Instead of the 7 microphone with a mute button and activate button, the Ivee only has 2 mics and no buttons it seems. Instead it seats on the table like a skinny pawn piece. Due to this it seems to be more portable looking but this also means less mass and this means less sound quality possibly as well. It will however still control lights. It’s added a tstat to its bag of tricks and Spotify as a default music app, which is big. Oh, and it can order you food and look up movie times. They also mentioned it can be used as a intercom if you own multiple ones in rooms. So it sounds very competitive outside of the small sound and voice recognition limits, but only time will tell. Right now it’s a great time for tech and you should be looking forward to it all.