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Once again Phil Spencer, the greatest leader the console industry has ever seen, expressed his concern on the ongoing focus on console debates. Phil states it’s not about that piece of plastic that the game plays’s about the games themselves.  This thought isn’t simply something from him only. Many “mature” and “educated” gamers understand this as well. I have pushed this very idea for a while myself. But because we have so many adults acting like children, and so many actual children playing games we seem to fall right back into this “console war” thing. It doesn’t help that the media pushes it too. Phil goes on to say that his job isn’t to bash Sony or any others. He doesn’t have to stop you from buying a ps4 for Xbox one to succeed. People that don’t know Phil or haven’t been reading his articles will claim he is just saying this because xbox one is loosing. He isn’t, do your homework. The presidents of Sony and Nintendo all know Phil and respects his view of neutrality when it comes to console wars. Phil has expressed great respect for all of the industry and has never bashed his competitors. Phil expressed that his job is to make sure xbox one is the best that they can be and to make sure those who have the system are happy with their choice to buy it. His job isnt to put up blocks to stop people from owning or buying other systems when he himself owns and plays all systems. I love this man! He is what all should strive to be in the gaming world and in media.