Games , games and more games. This is the message and this is what is being delivered to xbox one fans around the world. As I sit at my gaming center in the game room looking at the Halo channel playing on my Xbox one seeing all the greatness coming to Halo 5 only to back out right into Forza 6 right where I left off an hour ago only to find out that I had drive avatar awards waiting on me, the beauty of this reality hits me all over again.

This is the greatest gaming experience of my life. The graphics and beauty of Fifa 16. The sure grind of Madden 16, the ice cold feel of NHL 16. Awaiting NBA Live 16 and NBA 2k16. Then to know that Tomb Raider awaits me in a few more months. It’s truly overwhelming. I haven’t seen such perfection in a console and its games ever. Thank you Phil Spencer and Microsoft. There is nothing like your system for me and my experience. You truly are the best platform for gaming on the planet in my opinon.  Others have the right to their own opinion but for me it doesn’t get any better than you guys.