This game takes the representation of Basketball to a whole other level. Just when you thought things wouldn’t get better they did. They increased everything! The graphics and lighting on this game is masterfully done. This is probably the best transition of greater graphics and animation since the first next gen title hit on the Xbox 360. Even the commentary is much better (even though it was already great). Then as if this wasn’t enough they go through and add player conversation clips about their life and basketball just like you see on tv and made the menu system and interface futuristic. The individual match ups and movement off the ball looks much better than it ever did. More realistic, more true to life feels in even how each team mimics their real life counterparts tendency(ex:Cleveland’s ability to comeback for large deficits). Every jersey and every shoe perfectly represented. Basically it’s as perfect as you are going to get without being real at this point in technology. I really thought this year would be a NBA live year for me because I hadn’t seen anything that would have led me to think that 2k put this much effort into this game. I knew they were going to add more features but I honestly thought they were going to be lazy about the graphics and not do much but bring back the old graphics. Nba Live 16 upgraded their graphics and I was impressed at the time. I basically had all intentions on sticking with EA sports. But once I got this and saw how much of a overall they did in menus, graphics, animations, AI, and presentation I canceled my download for NBA Live 16 and deleted my demo for it. It has zero chance sadly, I’m afraid. So I’m not going to waste space on my hard drive when I know already it won’t see the light of day. If you haven’t picked up NBA 2k16, do it and do it quickly. It just might be the best sports game ever! It’s 10 out 10 ranking digitalcrack!