There was this gaming craze that took over for video games a little while back. It was called streaming. It produced and pushed people into buying cameras so that they could be seen by others. They held chats and played video games together. Well it went viral to the point that it brought over Girls that had no idea how to be good at videogame but still wanted to play so that they could sit in front of a camera and have hundreds of guys flirt with them. This then made even more guys start to tune in and then businesses jumped on board and people started to promote and advertise to make profits. Well, VR my friends will not allow this. No more will you be able to sit in front of a camera and chat with others because you won’t be able to see your chat nor will they see your face that took you over a hour to prep even though you swear you just look like this every moment of the day girls.  What does this mean…failure of VR. Will people buy VR off the bat? Yes, because it’s new. But I promise it will fade quickly once the reality has sat in about the problems it has with our streaming practices we have come to love. Off will come the headset and dust shall build upon them as the majority of those people return to the quick and easy way of gaming and social streaming. Just like motion gaming, as long as there is a easier way and more lazier way to play a game it will always, sooner, or later triumph over more complex and longer drawn out process of fitting things on your head, straping things on your hands and swinging your arms and head around until you pull muscles.