Well can’t say they don’t know how to push the affordable tech. Fire the Echo and now a new and more affordable tablet. The 8 is what we got today and are testing out right now. It’s probably the lightest tablet I have held in my hands at this size. It’s pretty fast and responsive. The material seems very drop friendly and doesn’t look like you would loose you mind if it fell. The keyboard is a little weird if I had to pick a annoying feature but this is only weird until you get use to it. So outside of of its features and great price what else is there. The reading right? How does it response and or feel reading is the ticket right, being that this is a kindle. Well so far it’s great. It has all the new features of a kindle. It has the read to me features, the fonts, the x Ray feature and the new speed reading companion. Basically it remains the best tablet for reading with all the prime options and features it contains that are geared for reading and that all important Amazon ecosystem. Honestly, I can’t tell you that I’m missing anything yet in my opinion that I wish it had other than a real youtube app maybe(it has one but it’s more of a redirect than a real app). So we will keep testing this thing to see if it’s truly a keeper or not. Conclusion to the review coming soon so stay tuned.

    This is why we need to always review things before we make the commitment to keep them. Such is the case with my new kindle fire HD 8. What I noticed first was a huge dead pixel at the corner of my screen. It was grey on white backgrounds but black on black backgrounds. So I really couldn’t see it at first. But once I saw I always saw it. Then once I convinced myself to not care really about that small imperfection another thing started to bother me. The graphics really weighed in on me. The pixels, while good were not up to par with what I was used to. Even though I wanted it to be good enough it wasn’t. Then finally the fact that I couldn’t download my apps I used the most was a real bummer. Simple apps like YouTube was not available and when I used the default Web version I had to log in every single time just to have access to the videos I watch. Every single time I put in my info for my account the moment I shut down the website I had to re-enter it. I hated that. Not having access to my apps played the biggest reason why I took it back today . I see that I will have to stick with a ipad 2 for the cost and function as getting a better Samsung tablet will run $400 for the specs I need it to have. While I know I’m fine with a ipad I didn’t want to go back with one but for the price and functions it was hard to beat that $260 range.