Well No man Sky once again made another appearance and this time it was on the Colbert night show. The game was shown off with yet even more footage. I would like to say to the ps4 fans out there that the footage exposed great gameplay that all have been waiting for. That they showed something different than the same group of things. But sadly all you got was the same things over and over. A hill, a animal, a robot,  some plants ,and a ship but with different colors duplicated on different scenes from planets( Over and over ). Still no release date , still no real story line , objective, no real enemy or boss, nothing. Nothing that most people play games for or are use to are present. Basically the same boring events take place over and over again until you get tired of playing is what I am getting from this yet again. I keep hoping that the game will not be as boring as it seems but the more footage I see the more it leads me to feel that the game will indeed be boring and will get dust like “1886” did for most who played that game after a few weeks.