Leasons learned are hard but at the same time needed.  Such as my lesson with trying to stay away from apple products and be more open sourced with Android. For the last couple of years I used products from Samsung to stay with the times. I spent a lot of money getting the latest but to be honest this can’t be avoided no matter what side of fence you’re on. Samsung and Apple are the top makers of mobile tech out there. So I really don’t feel I was in that bad of a position with Samsung and had convinced myself that Apple was just to basic to really keep up with Samsung. A lot of this had to deal with the features Samsung packed inside their phones and tablets, mainly the screens. That amazing color and detail in the them at first was the best on the market but Apple caught up. This exposed or reexposed the fact that the software side of things worked best with Apple. This part never changed but I was willing to ignore because of the beautiful screens of the samsungs devices. 

 Once the screen beauty was on par the software side of things started to become more evident. This still was not enough for me to go back. No matter how many times I wanted more productivity and power android always seemed to find a way to show me it wasn’t as ready as I had thought. But I pushed that to the side because I had freedom of choice. Well that same freedom of choice lead to viruses and limits. Even webpages weren’t as friendly with android products as they were with Apple products.  Chrome itself was becoming a nightmare and the new Andorid update brought more headaches on top of what was already there. My sound from music was nothing like it was. I couldn’t log onto webpages sometimes and when I did the format was messed up at times. 

With the tablets in general apple has this technology that is a must if you are to use a tablet at effective. It’s call thumb rejection. It was impossible for me to be productive on any android tablet I ever used in my life without such tech. It was the reason why I got rid of my Samsung tab s. I just could not use it without touching the screen and this made typing and surfing a nightmare. I was hoping that I would just get to the point  where it didn’t bother me but I was wrong. Ever single tablet brought for android never makes it a year with me. However my ipad mini original version did. 

So as fate would have it I had to go back to apple if I was to have tablet at all. Once I did I noticed all the joys of having a apple product again . Everything worked beautifully. Apps, powerful apps, there for the taking.  Webpages functioning fast and perfect and quality of the screen is gorgeous. I can’t help be look over to my samsung note 5 and wonder if I should have just went with a iPhone .