Well the news has dropped that somehow the reality that Xbox one will never catch the ps4 ( per Phil Spencer’s interview)has resurfaced as new news. I am a Xbox one fan and a huge supporter of Phil Spencer for the Next U.S president as far as I’m concerned. This doesn’t nor hasn’t ever stopped me from knowing and sharing that this generation belonged to Sony before even one console sold. The numbers are just to much and numerically it was impossible for Microsoft to outsell ps4 based on territory control. The only reason why last generation was even close was because Sony gave Microsoft a complete year by itself on the market before they ever launched. It took Sony over 5 years to come back and catch Microsoft. They did this not by outselling them in the US …it was all the other territories they sold in that helped month after month, year after year cut that lead down like water erosion on mountains. When you looked up it was too late, they were back in the race and most never thought they would ever do it because they weren’t looking at all their numbers outside of the U.S. 

This generation Sony came out at the same time as Microsoft and had the mindshare effect to boot. There was no chance that a U.S only supported Microsoft would ever beat the worldwide Sony numbers. Look back at all my old entries and this statement has never changed. But my stance once again is that Sony is doing what the Wii did last generation. Just like the wii though I didn’t want them or get them just because everybody bought one. They didn’t deliver for me on the things that mattered to me and Sony is the same way when I compare the Xbox one to it. Microsoft is just a better platform and gaming machine in software and hardware for me my likes. Yours maybe different but I’ll take Microsoft’s vision and push over ps4 any day of the week. Have fun with all the old news. I guess they didn’t have anything new to post so they needed to repost this for everybody already knew. Just because the interview is new, it doesn’t mean the info is new.