So as we last spoke you remember that the subject was Phil Spencer’s last interview. It was again about honesty and leadership. He stated that he doesn’t know how they will ever beat Sony’s ps4 but at the same time pushes focus on just being there for his fans and pushes for trust to be regained by those they lost. What he also said was that they have to make xbox one profitable or he can’t guarantee it will remain. This is the part that scares me as well as it should all others. Microsoft isn’t making profit on xbox one. They can’t if they constantly need to discount to have attention and yet still loose in sales. Now that the Ps4 has dropped it’s price, which all of us expected even Christmas might be lost for Microsoft even though they clearly has more to offer. So this will cost them profits. So basically the question then comes into play…how long will it be before you pull the plug on the Xbox one division based on your statement? As of right now the numbers aren’t really clear. Last guess is that xbox is at 14 million vs ps4 25+ millions.  The one good thing is that xbox one is selling better than the 360 at this time span. However the key to this being a good thing is how much this difference has cost them in profits. If they gave more money up to get a 20% sell increase of sale this doesn’t mean profit and could mean they have lost more money in the investment than they did at a 20% less overall figure of the 360 at this point of its life. Basically it means it was for nothing if this is the case. Nobody knows for sure where this stands and how much of a lost Microsoft is willing to take on before pulling the plug but the fact that Phil brought it up let’s me know that the Xbox one isn’t as safe as one thinks. This is something that should worry all. If xbox one goes leaving ps4 as the default gaming machine all gamers are in trouble because ps4 will do even less than they are doing now for its gamers. It also means big hit to the pocket of retailers like Gamestop and even bigger hit to the pockets of 3rd party developers most importantly. Ps4 fanboys would think that xbox one going away would be a good thing but I promise you, you couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact if ps4 or xbox one goes away I believe it will spell the end of the console gaming market.