Xbox One ‘Will Always be Behind the PS4…Because it isn’t as Powerful

So with all the shake up going on right now it seems Mr Kertz from Dice needed to put his two cents in. Frankly I think he should be fired, but that’s me. Statement like this only shows how biased some people are. Before you guys go and say I’m a X1 fan let me explain. I have no problem with the fact that the ps4 is more powerful for horsepower. This is not a debatable issue. However I do have a problem with a 3rd party developer rep claiming that ps4 is ahead and will remain there simply because it has more horsepower. This is so far from the truth it hurts. Ps4 won the mindshare of the majority of the gamers not because the gamers really thought or understood specs and its depth in graphics but because of their price and lie about DRM. As I have explained and proven before, Sony came out and told people that there was not going to be DRm for their console but later said that they weren’t going to DRM for THEIR STUDIOS. This is a huge difference when you think about the sure amount of 3rd party games vs their first party studio games. They don’t even begin to compare in numbers which means Sony had Drm in their machine code ready because they knew that the console manufacturer doesn’t control DRm the software company does. This lie, above all other things, put them in front and is the real reason they have the lead. A lead built off yet another Sony lie. 


The horse power has nothing to do with their lead because most people don’t see any of these differences and horsepower doesn’t limit game proformance when this small of a difference exist between the X1 vs ps4… Programming does. There is a big difference between not being able to and being harder to do something. How many games out there look exactly the same? How can you have one game that is 3x larger than another game perform equally but the smaller game comes up short in graphic equality. Games like Witcher 3, project cars, and Nba 2k , Fifa vs games like PES 16, Star Wars and others aren’t consistently outputting the same on screen yet the same hardware is being used. Games like Ryse and Quantum Break winning Best graphic period over all games (FACT not a opinion)yet both being exclusives to Microsoft. How can that be? I thought the ps4 was the superior horsepower! It is, but programming is what truly decides graphics not the horsepower differences of X1 and ps4. The only difference you see is a developer not willing to work on a title as hard on one platform vs the other or a developer’s pick based on mindshare of the public and install base, nothing more. 

For me third party developers need to remain neutral and or at least unbiased and if you can’t remain that way then sign a execlusive deal and be done with it. So, if your employees want to run their mouth get them out there because they represent you no matter what they type to soften things up after they open their mouth and inserted their foot. Will the Xbox one always trail Ps4? Yes,but it’s not because of horsepower differences. You can thank mindshare and more territories worldwide for this. It was over as far as numbers go before the first console sold on either side.