We ride or die together is my answer. Well, what was the question? The question has arrived from my friends; if or when Xbox one ever is let go by Microsoft for not performing or making enough profit for the company will I return to the ps4? A resounding NO is the answer! I know I don’t believe in brands nor care for the consoles more than the games. This still is true. So how can I not return to ps4? Because my resounding no and stance with X1 comes from respect and down right common sense on the difference between how they treat me. The ps4 “console” is great …it’s the company who I don’t like. Microsoft has treated me with nothing but respect and gratitude and on top of that has the best games. So for me if Microsoft kills off gaming for X1 then this marks the retirement of gaming from me. I’m a 40 year old man. I really don’t have much longer with gaming so I wouldn’t dare waste my time and my dignity to return back to a company that has done nothing but lie and cheat me . So basically retirement would be both of our fates, “ride or die” with Phil Spencer and X1, if they choose to leave the game. On top of everything else, if they leave, gaming will die anyway without competition so I figure it’s best to find another hobby anyway if that happens.