This is the heading you see on the news report. On first glance it seems just and factual. But once you read the article you find out that critical info is left out. Most read this heading for the article and assume nothing but xbox one console sales are failing. When in reality it’s not even talking about xbox one sales because, as most people that read for themselves already know, Microsoft is selling more xbox one consoles than they did 360 consoles at this same time. So what you find out is that the 360 sales are lower and this, overall, is showing up as a lower sale ratio of both the Xbox one and 360 TOGETHER, not weak sales of the xbox one. So why not write the article heading better including the words “360 hardware sales falling”? I guarantee they would make the distinction if they were talking about Sony. Could it be that they want to feed the perception of a failed console for the Xbox one? My bet is yes! The 360 sales figures are suppose to fall, that’s what happens when you have a newer system sooner or later. So this is not bad news but more logical news if anything.