Look guys, I know it’s been a great 2 years roughly and ps4 looks unbeatable in numbers but what playstation heads hinted towards the other day is just plan mad. Sony has returned to its cocky ways and in an interview has revealed that they are still considering a high end ps4 model possible one with a 4k drive and higher memory or specs possibly. Basically a Sup’d up powered ps4 not a ps5 but a ps4. If any of you remember Sony promised that the Ps4 currently on the market would down the road have a software upgrade to allow 4k(LIES AGAIN) and that the investment we made would not be one that we regret because of changing graphics in movies. Now we see the truth and that is that none of that was true and that it’s impossible for our current machines to play 4k. So what does Sony consider? “Well, let’s just bring out another machine and split the market”! This is the dumbest thing I have heard and is again yet another reason why I want nothing to do with this console regardless of numbers. It’s one thing in given hard drive space options to people but a higher spec console with a different drive would be very stupid. Look at what this would do to the developers and early adaptors. You basically tell the 25 million supporters that they mean jack crap and if they want to stay up on things then they need to rebuy the same gen console which will cost more of course. To the developers you kill them because they now have to account for two versions on the same platform. Overall this would be one of the dumbest and most dirtiest move I have seen in a long time. But hey, in fashion, all the Sony fanboys responses were zombies responses. They willing roled over in the comments and didn’t protest one bit. Most responses were actually talking about the ways they would trade their console in to get the super ps4. Yet even others would just keep both. But this doesn’t surprise me at all. Nothing Sony does or lies about will ever make fanboys question their actions. It’s sad really. Have fun being used and lied to folks if Sony truly goes through with this.