It doesn’t fail. Every place console gaming is talked about somewhere, someone from pc gaming has to put their thoughts into the pot. Why? I mean I have never seen so many needy people in my life. If your platform is what you claim then stay there and shut up! I’m pretty sure that when the headlines for Forza, Uncharted, and any other game exclusive to consoles pops up it didn’t seek for your approval or thoughts. You don’t find console gamers trolling about pc games so why are you showing up? It’s really sad if you think about it. You claim to have the best platform yet you spend your time on forums discussing console gaming. Every single time it’s the same thing, my pc has superior frame rate and or resolution. Quick news flash ..most console gamers don’t want to play on pc because we think it sucks and or your games suck. And no matter how you dice it gamestop makes billions off console gaming not pc and Best Buy makes billions off of console gaming not pc. E3 events are 70% console and 30% pc, umm…why…cause more people pull to console gaming than pc. The commercials prove it, movies prove it, and Internet traffic proves it. MMO games seem to be what most people play on pc, console gaming exceeds to multiple genres of gaming so we are more well rounded. So do us a favor, since you are so superior, stay on your superior side of things and leave console gaming to us peons. We don’t care how good your frame rate is for your warcraft mmo type of game is because we have the better lineup  games and the better exclusives that we want. Have fun pc boys and girls, just have fun somewhere else, we don’t need or even want to hear from you.