Things are really looking very stable and secure with Microsoft’s Xbox one. Things are really different from how things seemed after the Phil Spencer interview. Most assumed that Phil might have been hinting towards a uncertain future but sense then we have a different view. The president of Microsoft says xbox here to stay and later Phil confirmed that there will be another xbox one next generation. Now we have Greenberg confirming that not only are they not giving up, they aren’t slowing down. In fact, he confirmed that with this lineup we have for this year, next year will be better and more. That’s crazy! I honestly felt overwhelmed with the amount of titles this year. So to have even more titles this year, than next year, blows my mind.

Sony fanboys want so bad to believe that Sony will deliver on games next year and not have this same lack of titles but it won’t change. Even the games shown at Paris conference didn’t have release dates which means they aren’t promises for next year. In fact it won’t surprise me if those titles don’t come until 2017. I will say though, that “Detroit” was something I really wanted when they first showed the tech demo(but claimed this was not a game) but the Concept of the game will be a problem to deliver on. The famous, overhyped NO man sky still doesn’t have a actually release date only a window. And Grand Turismo sport is not a full title. It’s like Grand Turismo prelude, again doesn’t have a release date. I don’t know why people don’t get this. But again it’s Sony at their best. Show hype and misdirection… the people will fall for it. Me personally, hope that they deliver on games next year because it makes the gaming world better but I just don’t have faith in it.

Next year, unfortunately will be like this year. Microsoft will have the most and better games line up but ps4 will sell better and thats fine with me! Give me games, games, and more games Microsoft not hype and misdirection.