Sony had announced that the previous thought 25 million units and counting was far from its numbers to date. Sony has confirmed that they are now setting at 29.3, basically 30 million units sold worldwide. Sony continue to prove what hype and mindshare can do just like Apple has done with the cellphone. No matter what side of the fence you sit, you have to appreciate the overall success of Sony. No matter the cost being higher, no matter the lack of games, no matter the people that have been hacked and robbed through their network, despite it..all people flock to their side. Keep in mind this mind blowing 5 million console increase all happened before the price cut! Impressive, hands down impressive. So my announced winner of of this generation remains accurate before any console sold the first unit. I knew they would win and win big. I have said and still say that when all is done the Ps4 will sell more units than any console in history. I have said this and it remains my opinon no matter what console I play on. Congrats Sony.

Well looks like they have lied again!!

Correction…the numbers sold and shipped aren’t anywhere in the same league. Sony knows this and still tells lies that they have SOLD roughly 30 million units. It’s so sad to see this and blows me away that people don’t call Sony on their lies. Regardless, they will still be the best “Selling” console so I don’t get why they have a need to lie. Anyone can ship items to stores, when and where those units actual leave the shelves as purchases can be 6 months to a year if not more. But it does get people like me to report about it and this fuels mindshare.