Well it looks like the beta testing has finally resulted in a problem that actually crashes your system to a hard boot crash. The YouTube app when accessed now reboots certain xbox one systems. Not sure if this is a beta testing window 10 issue being that I’m running that system or if it’s across the board. The app runs through its start up and then bam..the lights go out and your xbox one turns off ever single time. So far only about 100 or so people have wrote in about this. Microsoft seems to be aware of such and hopefully we will get a fix soon.  So those of you effected by this there is no need to trade your system in or delete you whole system profile. It’s a issue with the app and not a hardware problem.

Update : November 1st

OK all is well again. The beta testers have gotten our new updated software and it has fixed the YouTube app issue as well as other lock ups and app failures found in our last beta software. I love that Microsoft jumped on these issues and fixed them within 2 days.