The Fans, the Community, the History. This is more than just a simple game. It’s the soul of Xbox. The console and the company that has truly made the vision of playing the best games on the planet linked to the best all around system on the planet. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind except for fanboys of Sony that xbox one has the best games for the second year in a row. In 2016 it will remain the same because even more games than this year is planned. Halo 5 is just one of many but probably the most important to the followers of xbox. It’s the one game that most people will buy the console for if they haven’t found a reason before now. The other day while playing xbox one over my house my friend after playing the remaster halo 4 said he was going out to get a xbox one just for this game if nothing else. This guy is a die hard playstation fan so this choice or statement was not taken lightly and only proved the quality of gaming xbox one has. Halo 5 wasn’t even played and he was already hooked. Can’t imagine what he would have done if he saw halo 5. The graphics are beautiful, the gameplay is very good, and the sure replay value is sickening(racking up 9’s and 10’s in review scores). And no matter how many times Sony fanboys try and put this game and others down they know in their heart they wished Sony was the one with all the games we have delivered on. Especially games like Halo 5 and Rise of the Tomb Raider( even though they get in like 2017..:).

   Just today I was asked by a friend if I planned to add ps4 back into my gaming( like others ask all the time)and instead of just saying what I normally say, “no way in hell”, I explained to him that it’s about games for me and my Xbox one delivers on so many games that I honestly don’t have time to play on a different system. I have the perfect set up with my monitor and my mac hooked up to my Xbox one. I have all the games I want digitally with a sick external drive hooked up it. Most will think this is not true with what I am about to say but you couldn’t pay me to leave xbox one behind to return to ps4 and wasting money/time into another system is the last thing I want to do. Have fun for you guys who feel different, we all can’t be the same. For me there is no better platform for playing games or entertainment. Even if my system died tomorrow I would buy another xbox one. If someone gave me a ps4 I would sell it. I have been there and done that “song and dance” and don’t ever want to go back.