When you talk about all the areas of which the Xbox one is successful it’s always funny to see how quite ps4 owner are about how bad their controller is. A battery life of about 3 hours is absolutely pathetic and most ps4 know this but once again refuses to acknowledge it. If this controller would have been released by Microsoft we wouldn’t hear the end of how bad the controller battery is. We would hear about how bad the material was on the thumb pads. Then we would definitely hear how useless and gimmicky the touch pad was for gaming. But once again because Sony has their fans brainwashed in mindshare we hear all subjects but this. I have never seen a console come out and have less quality titles for 2 years running, still have more hardware deficiencies than the Ps4 and yet still sell and manage to keep their fans silent on their flaws. Bottom line, if this controller was owned by Microsoft they would have pushed for a recall. It’s a joke of a controller with this many flaws but it’s Sony so it’s not a problem.