Way to go Microsoft! Well deserved praise and proof that programing and innovation makes great gaming not hype and lies. Halo 5 ,THE Fastest selling “xbox” exclusive in the history of their business, not just the fastest selling “xbox ONE” exclusive. Has playstation 4 ever had this milestone hit for their company? Quick answer no, because most people got the system because it was fashionable to do so. Fact is that xbox one gamers have a higher attach rate for playing and buying games. Ps4 has higher console sales but very little of those people buy games regularly. This is why their top exclusives don’t really sell like they should when compared to the amount of install base for the console. People don’t like this subject and hate Microsoft on the Sony side of gaming because they want what we have, games. They want what we have, better value for our money. They want what we have, better hardware and software innovation. Yes, it true and all know it, they just don’t like to admit it. Lastly I will leave you with a very simple and direct truth…..”

Install base doesn’t make my experience or gaming better, this only happens with innovation, great games, and great software and services”

. The only thing a higher install base does for a gamer is give them something to talk about on forum instead of playing games. Which would you prefer? Think about it!