Playstation VUE!!!!! AHHH NO! The media kills me with this stuff. It’s like a running joke that never ends. The headlines, Playstation adds ESPN and CBS channels to VUE , xbox is in trouble???? Are you joking me? Do you even know what playstation vue is?? Does anybody have enough since to know that there is a big difference in an app and adding a channel to a PAID SUBSCRIPTION TV PACKAGE!!! OK, here you go…


Has it started to sink in you head yet??? CBS and ESPN are FREE apps for your xbox that just adds options to view content through your system in a more streamline point of access on your console.

Playstation VUE is a replacement PAID service to compete with dish, apple tv, time warner, infinity,  and direct TV.

If you own these services, cable or dish and their 100s of channels why on earth would I want to pay playstation 50 bucks a month to re-access something I already own much less rely on them over these proven, more optional, and more experience choices?? This is SO VERY Stupid to even do, much less compare. Xbox one isn’t even in trouble from ps4 sales so they definitely aren’t worried about some a 50 buck paid subscription trying to compete with giants they can’t even lick the boots too for tv streaming. Media people are so very stupid and have nothing else better to do than to jump on things like this and make very stupid headlines like they have. I’ll stick with my FREE espn app and all the other free apps that connect my already trust tv provider and my Xbox. I’m not stupid enough to pay playstation 50 bucks to access what I already own nor will I ever trust a Sony to be my tv source, but you go right ahead, have fun.