So, if you are into Call of Duty like most gamers are then you will want to play it on the Ps4 if you want the best looking resolution and frame rate. Unlike most fanboys out there I have no problem in admitting if something looks better. The textures and overall crispness of the images and background are just plan better. This is also no surprise to me either. Call of duty has a lot invested into playstation this time around so you better believe they will nail everything for the graphics. With that said this still goes back to my previous statement because it’s fact. The limits you see on the Xbox one isn’t because it can’t handle the game it’s because the developers didn’t have the time or money invested in making sure it was better. They came close and stopped right there. You know this because when you compare Halo 5 to this game you aren’t limited with the same stuff you see in CoD and yet they are both the same genre. Most ps4 fans try to ignore games like Forza and Sport games when they hit top marks in resolution and frame rate, claiming that those types of games are easier to program for. But this time around we have apples to apples here. On flip side, if this matters to you, you really don’t care why its going on, you just want it to be right. So I get everybody’s thoughts on that. I myself , am not a fan of first person shooters. They are very few that I will actually play and or can play because of motion sickness. I played the previous Call of duty and thought it was great. This one, I wasn’t as hyped up to play. Even with Halo 5, I haven’t played myself, only watched others play. I’m more of a quantum break, recore, madden, forza, nba, and fifa type of guy. You may feel different and that’s fine. Gears of War will probably be the closest thing to a first person shooter that I will buy in the next two years. So personally I could care less if Call of Duty ever hit xbox. But I still congratulate Sony and admit that based on the video reports that I have seen they show that they are the place to play Call of Duty black ops.