If you remember this game or tech demo it was the first time I felt real sadness for a game character. I felt excitement and yet fear for her. After that, then anger for Kara. I wanted to protect her and shield her from harm when I heard her beg for her life and cry. But nothing made me more angry than when the developers came out and said they weren’t making this a game.

I thought it was the most stupidest thing a developer could have ever done after such a reaction from most that saw this trailer. This character had real appeal and really hit people in heart. So to not take advantage of that and build a game off this was just plan stupid to me. Now fast forward to today and we have a complete turn around. Now we have this game in the works and I honestly can say this is the first ps4 game next to Eve Valkerie that I know I will have to play one day. But knowing ps4 I won’t see them for 2 years if not more like they did with “The Last Guardian”.