I while ago I, based on my previous memory of Drive club, thought it to be the very best in graphics over all other driving games. In fact I thought it be the best graphics of any game before The Order 1886. This opinion has changed. After rechecking what Drive club looks like verse Forza 6 the differences are more apart that I thought. Most importantly the loser actually out paced the my original winner. That’s  right,  Forza 6 stands on the top of the mountain of all racers period. I just didn’t know this until I recently compared them. Everything from the graphics to the sure weight of features and options for gameplay stands on top. What really took the cake was xbox one’s 60fps. I mean, come on people..a while ago Drive club was the end all be all to graphics at a mere 30fps. But now that Forza 6 is out and dominated it both in sales and ratings you want to ignore it. Then to turn around and have the superior graphics also means that xbox one is a lot of powerful than the fanboys of Sony won’t to admit a and that burns them up.

For more info …check out video below that explains it better…