We have in the Blue corner, The Mighty Playstation 4!   The fastest selling console of All Time. This is flat out impressive! Nobody can take this from them. They came out the gates swinging for the mindshare and they nailed it. Frankly put Sony is the Apple of gaming when it comes to mindshare. They defeated everyone and all without ever dropping prices or given away free games or controllers until recently. Top features include play share feature that allows others to watch or play with you and the still unmatched share button function which still is way simpler and more useful than that of their competitors.


Ps4 also has another feature still not accomplished by any other console and that is the right to Spotify! To this day having the ability to play Spotify music in the background while playing games can’t be done by anybody. So Spotify’s signing is even more important and hurtful when you compare the two consoles because Microsoft doesn’t even have the ability to play in the background much less Spotify to match.


Next up is the most obvious because it’s the most talked about, “The Resolution gate” of consoles. Sony has dominated the headlines and the opinions of gamers around the world. They have the most powerful console on the market as far as graphic horse power. This is fact not fiction or opinions. At least 60% or more of the third party games out there have some sort of advantage showing up in the Ps4 version of the games. And while playstation doesn’t have the exclusives they should have at this point they are really making a living off the differences that can be either seen or assumed to be there for their third party games. This they fully expect will counter their lack of first party games and carry them into Christmas without a hit to their numbers. Will it?  That remains to be seen but based on history and mindshare it won’t hurt playstation at all this Christmas because people just believe they are the best even if they aren’t even gamers.

Another thing I can appreciate and admit is that the Playstation interface, although old and only mildly updated works and works fast! In fact even with the Xbox one interface updated I really was shocked about how much faster and easier the interface speed still is over Microsoft’s best and most recent attempt to speed up theirs. I will say I was really hard on playstation for not making more UI changes but now I can say I would rather them be more fluid and fast.

So where does this place playstation? In the driver’s seat of course heading to the winning circle. There isn’t anything any company out there can do to stop the Ps4 sales short of buying out Sony and killing off the Playstation side of business. They are already on their way to ACTUALLY selling 30 million consoles which is so sick and dominate that Microsoft no longer talks about their own numbers because they see how useless it is when up against what Sony has done. But with all this you as a gamer will still have to deal with lots of delays on games, cyber attacks, lies, and more hype than substance. If you can deal with this and find balance you will have a great gaming span this generation with Playstation. Down the road it will be the Best Selling console of All Time.

Stay tuned….Xbox one side of things next.