The greatest day in UFC and entertainment happened over the weekend. The Fans of Rousey are still in shock. Everybody wants to got out and claim things that Ronda hasn’t even said herself. Maybe it’s because the can’t speak right now due to clean hits to the mouth that left her mouth split. Or simply it could be because she’s still in the hospital from the truck kick to the face. Holms is a what a champion should be. Humble and realistic. Ronda on the other hand thinks she can beat up every woman or man on the planet. She can’t! Holms proved that and not only proved that but made Ronda look like the one dimensional fighter I have always seen and known to be. She sits on her throne and calls other women bitches..let a man say that and the media wouldn’t stop crucifying him. Holms while having good boxing skills that setup her kick isn’t Mayweather or other UFC men fighters yet the media acted like Ronda really stood a chance at them. Holms did textbook boxing techniques and made Ronda look stupid. She simple stuck and moved, boxing 101. Something Mayweather has been king at and is 10x faster and precise at it. So what would happen? She would be in intensive care or worse if Mayweather met her. This is the reality people, not some stupid movie where a 300 pound man get knocked out by a 120 pound woman. Wake up, thats tv not life. All the media that kept egging this thought and concept on should be ashamed of yourself. In a world that you want to stop violence between women and men the media sure does a great job and pushing it. Now the fallen god that you have helped create has fallen and fallen hard. The fight wasn’t even close and there isn’t some kind of excuse. Ronda simply got exposed and reality that she doesn’t have good defense at all has set in.