First off let’s be clear here. This man is talking about UK sales not overall sales. The same UK that is dominated by ps4 fanboys and overall market share leader for Sony. Of course sales are low in UK for Xbox one. Nothing mentioned about the U.S, I thought that was really funny. On top of being biased it’s not about the first couple of sale days. It’s about the overall sales through the life span of the product. Secondly, I thought it was funny that he went on to say that next year( a whole year from now) ps4 sales will be better and that Microsoft basically shouldn’t have released it at this point of the year. Well, hold up..when Sony gets this game,its actually going to be  at this same point or later in December which is even worse. So please tell me how on earth such a statement holds water. This guy should have shut his mouth because the same game you’re laughing about , you will be asking about come this same time next year.