• U.S. PlayStation 4 – Total Sales: 9,409,789
• U.S. Xbox One – Total Sales: 8,503,910

There is less than a million console difference in sales in the United States for the consoles. Yes ps4 still leads but unlike their total numbers for the whole world, the U.S fans believe in Xbox and ps4 almost equally. Most don’t look to see that this is a difference. We live in the States. What the rest of the world does would not effect our games. The bottom line is that when developers see that both xbox one and ps4 sell well in the U.S “OUR” games have a better chance of remaining on equal footing if possible. Most us believe that if the total world sales equal 25 million that means us, when it doesn’t. In the states xbox one nor ps4 have reached 10 million in sales yet. This is after 2 years folks. This also explains why I  have seen just as many xbox one’s as ps4’s over the past two years. This also means that as far as the United States is concerned the console race isn’t over by a long shot.