The unthinkable to most could possibly happen by the time the dust settles after the holidays. Now before you go on a rage run I want to reiterate that I’m strictly talking about America. Why? Because as I reported earlier the numbers for America are very close. Instead of ps4 leading by 15 million almost, what most forget is that they don’t even lead by a million in the America according to the last count. Do you really understand that folks? As far as I’m concerned Japanese numbers and Europeans numbers have nothing to do with the games I’m getting in America. These are different markets with different cultures. The funniest thing is that in America, the media will act like all those numbers are either all here or we even make up half of the figures of Sony 30 million. We don’t even make up 1%. That’s the truth guys, America is very much a winnable territory for Microsoft especially with the games and deals running. Overall worldwide number makes ps4 dominate that way but the bottom line is that in America there is just as many people that think xbox one is a more enticing pick for their gaming and Microsoft could very well take over the American market by the end of the holiday. This is something they have done many times in the past when loosing against Sony ps3 with their 360 console. Ps3 won almost every month but then Christmas hits and Microsoft kills all the numbers and take over in the last two months of the year after Sony won 9-10 of those months of that year. It could happen again folks, don’t say I didn’t bring this to light. Now it could at the same time not happen and Sony’s numbers could grow even more in America. I am not saying this is not a possibility too. But I do see that the so called gap isn’t anywhere near the worldwide numbers listed for the other territory and this could grow or shrink.